12-14 April 2024


Queens Park, Townsville


Ages 11 & over

Selection Process

Programme Entry

Entry to the programme is open to registered players in Townsville, between the ages of 11 and 18. Registration is completed online ahead of an annual Saints Junior Muster (November, annually) which serves as the first point-of-contact between the programme's coaches and players.

Muster is not compulsory to attend but does provide each age group's coaching team the chance to put players through their paces via a series of skills and drills sessions. Coaches use these sessions to help identify the current skill levels of each player, with this information then used to assist coaches in selecting teams once training commences.

Note: All players who join the programme are automatically selected to play for Townsville at the NQ Junior State Cup North, held in Townsville in April each year.

NQ Junior State Cup North (JSCN) Selection

Townsville Touch Football enters as many teams as possible into the Under 12, Under 14, Under 16, and Under 18 age groups, to ensure that all players in the programme can play.

(TTF's clubs submit sides into the Under 10's age groups.)

All players who are part of the Townsville Touch Football Saints Junior Representative Programme play in Townsville Saints teams at the NQ Junior State Cup North (JSCN), which is held annually in April in Townsville.

Each age group's coaching team will determine how players are selected into specific teams, with a focus on providing the best development opportunity for each player. In larger age groups, more experienced players will generally be grouped together to allow developing players better access to more specific coaching.

QLD Junior State Cup (QJSC) Selection

The JSCN is the selection event for Townsville Saints sides to compete at the QJSC in July each year, and for our 12's, 14's, 16's, and 18's teams, only players from the Townsville Saints programme are eligible for selection.

TTF nominates up to two (2) teams per age group to the event (the maximum allowed by the event's rules), with selection made based on each players ability alongside their commitment to the programme.

Visit the QJSC page for more information.

General Information

Accommodation & Travel

As this event is based in Townsville, any accommodation and travel arrangements (if required) will be the responsibility of the player and their parents.


The cost for attending this event is still to be determined. A non-refundable deposit will be required to secure a player's spot in the programme.

Teams & Age Divisions

Townsville Touch Football will enter "Townsville Saints" representative sides into the Under 12, Under 14, Under 16, and Under 18 age divisions. Club's may elect to enter their own teams into the Under 10 age divisions at their own discretion.

Player Eligibility

To be eligible for selection, a player must:

  • Have been registered and played in either:
    • 2023 Townsville Junior Touch competition
    • 2023 Colliers Shield competition
    • 2023 Townsville Touch Football weeknight/social competitions on Monday or Wednesday nights
  • Be of the correct age:
    • Must be at least 11 years of age in 2024.
    • Must not turn 19 years of age (or older) in 2024.

Selection Pathway

  • Players are selected to play at this event from the Townsville Saints Junior Representative Programme.
  • Players who play for Townsville Saints at this event are eligible for selection to attend the QLD Junior State Cup.

More Information

Further information will be made available at a later date.

Coaching Appointments

Age GroupHead CoachAssistantManager