Representative Selection Policy

Policy NameSelection Policy ProcedurePolicy No.11
OwnerTownsville Touch FootballVersion No. 
ResponsibilityTechnical Director & Representative Sub-CommitteeEffective Date31/10/1988
Applies toRepresentative teams, players, coaches, referees, and team officialsDate of Last Revision23/02/2014
  1. AIMS:
    1. To promote and develop the sport of Touch in Townsville, by having competitive team/s competing in all divisions at the NQ Regional Championships.
    2. If player nominations permit, to include developmental team/s competing in the Open and 18/19/20’s divisions.
    3. By implementing the TCHTA selection policy, to encourage enjoyment and team morale as well as having organised, managed and well presented teams.
    4. To promote and develop TCHTA coaches, managers and players.
    1. Coaches
      • Members wishing to nominate to coach a TCHTA representative team are to complete the required representative official nomination form, listing credentials and past and current coaching experience.
      • The executive in consultation with the Technical & Coaching Director will appoint the coaches for each team.
      • Appointments to be made as early as possible to allow coaches time to observe players in current competition game situations.
      • All coaches must have registered online.
    2. Managers
      • Managers wishing to nominate to manage a TCHTA representative team are to complete the required representative official nomination form, listing past and current experience. Any Coaching credentials and experience should also be included.
      • The executive in consultation with the Technical Director and the appointed coach will appoint the managers for each team.
      • Appointments to be made as early as possible to allow managers time to assist the appointed coaches.
    3. Players
      • To be considered for selection, TCHTA members interested in playing in a TCHTA representative team are to complete the required representative nomination form provided by TCHTA administration, listing their name, a contact number and the team/division/grade they are currently playing in.
      • Player nominations will be passed onto the relevant coaches after the closing date.
      • Teams are to be finalised 28 days prior to the championships to enable teams to be nominated to NQTA on time.
    1. Criteria
      Selection decisions will be based mainly on performance but also include:
      • Attendance at competition & training (commitment)
      • Good sportsmanship (values)
      • Abiding by codes of behaviour on and off the field (behaviour)
    2. In addition, players:
      • Must be financial and registered members of a TCHTA club or team
      • Must have played five(5) round games in the current TCHTA competition
      • Players from other NQ affiliates are only to be utilised if TCHTA teams are short of nominated players and all other avenues of sourcing TCHTA players have been exhausted.
      • Players will be selected on their performance, commitment, values, behaviour and not personal characteristics (e.g. race, sexuality or religion)
    3. Process
      Each team will have a maximum of fourteen (14) players selected.  Confidentiality of selections should be stressed, as teams must be ratified by the TCHTA Executive (or their appointed official) before the team is announced.
      • Once selected, players are required to complete a ‘PLAYER ACCEPTANCE’ form and return it to their manager/coach by the due date.
      • Where player numbers permit, more than one (1) team in a division will be selected.
      • A committee of selectors (to be known as the Selection Panel) will be appointed by the TCHTA executive and be responsible for the selection of the team/s. The Selection Panel will comprise of the appointed coach of the team, and may include two (2) or three (3) others being any of the following: the TCHTA Technical Director, the TCHTA Coaching Director, TCHTA appointed Representative Coaches, qualified Selectors or members of the TCHTA Executive.
      • The Selection Panel in conjunction with the respective coach should begin to observe and discuss possible selections at the earliest possible opportunity. Selections should be done during normal competition games so that player performance under game pressure can be taken into consideration.
      • If in addition, selection trials are required, dates and location of selection trials will be announced during competition and notification by the appointed coach. The appointed selectors as above are to be utilised.
      • A list of attributes the coach sees as essential for each position and an outline of the specific type of players required to compliment their specific game plans should be made available to the selection panel prior to the selection process/assessments commencing.
      • A selection criteria form formulated by the TCHTA Technical Director will be made available to the selectors if they wish to use such document to help with their selections.
      • The selection panel should make fair and unbiased decisions based on the criteria.
      • Concerns about team selection should be discussed with the selectors/coach in the first instance. A formal written complaint to the TCHTA executive should be made if these concerns cannot be resolved and the player believes s/he has not been treated in accordance with the selection policy.
    1. Once a team has been selected players should regularly check with their coach/manager, for training schedules.
    2. Training sessions will be organised by the team coach, with preference of venue to be Queens Park.
    3. Tactics, team policy and the ‘NQ Code of Behaviour’ are to be implemented at training sessions and individual instruction in skill development is to be given if needed.
    4. Players should clarify with the appointed representative coach of any concerns they have with the team.
    1. If any player for whatever reason, wishes to withdraw from a TCHTA representative team after the team has been selected they must advise their coach, as soon as possible. NB:  Withdrawal without good reason could result in the forfeiture of the player’s nomination fee.
    2. Upon receiving notice of a player withdrawing the coach must immediately inform the TCHTA office, who will notify the relevant TCHTA Directors.
    3. The coach will be given the option of reshuffling the playing positions within the team when replacing the withdrawn player.
    4. The coach and the Coaching Director and/or Technical Director will then decide upon the replacement player to be called in. (in order to arrive at this decision the coach may wish to consult the selection panel). The Technical Director is to advise the TCHTA Executive of any changes for ratification.
    5. The coach of a team must also inform the Technical Director of any late changes due to injury, or loss of form.
    6. Players who withdraw from a team after it has been selected must submit their legitimate reason in writing to the TCHTA Executive.
      1. Players will be liable for the Player Nomination Fee if their written withdrawal letter is not accepted by the TCHTA Executive.
      2. An acceptance of player withdrawal would include injury, family illness or a death or extenuating circumstances above and beyond the regular.
    7. Any player that has nominated and fails to make a TCHTA side, may seek a written clearance from TCHTA to play for another centre for that championships. In the case of a clearance being granted preference will be to smaller NQ Affiliates.
    8. Players that do not make themselves available for TCHTA selection will not be granted a clearance under any circumstances. Any player who fails to comply with these conditions will be ineligible to represent another affiliate and will also be ineligible to represent TCHTA for a period of twelve (12) months.
    1. All TCHTA appointed coaches and managers will be required to have a current Blue Card. The number and expiry date is to be included on the Official Acceptance form.